Stand-up legend Chris Rock has scored a huge deal with Netflix. Required to give the streaming company two exclusive stand-up specials, the former SNL-star will be raking in $40 million over the next couple years for his efforts. This is a huge win for Rock and Netflix, the latter of which has recently been winning with some huge exclusive specials with Chelsea Handler and Aziz Ansari.

Pookie hasn't released a stand-up special since 2008's "Kill the Messenger." He's been busy with other endeavors, such as directing the critically acclaimed feature film "Top 5" and hosting the Academy Awards. 

If you've ever seen Rock's stand-up though, you know that's what the man does best. What do you think? Is Chris Rock the best comedian alive today? Check out a few of our favorite Chris Rock stand-up moments below. 

On Gun Control

On White Girls

On Black People