The greatest album of all time is a high honor, and one that has become increasingly difficult to narrow down. After all, the sheer number of potential candidates are staggering, spanning across all genres, depending on who you ask. Yet Chris Rock has taken to Instagram to voice his own selection: Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Released on November 22nd, 2010, Yeezy's masterpiece has been named by many as one of music's quintessential projects, regarded as Ye's magnum opus and artistic peak. It's not entirely a hot take from Rock, but a respectable choice nevertheless.

One has to wonder if his own biases have come into effect. Does he love My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy because he is on it, or did he contribute his vocal talents to the project because he loves it? In any case, the Chris Rock-assisted "Blame Game" is but one of many classic Kanye songs, and his claim is not without merit. Kanye West delivered something truly amazing, piecing together a nightmarish landscape with just enough humanity to render listeners with an optimistic sense of hope. Covering themes of insecurity, hedonism, and loss, Kanye West's fifth studio is exactly as his title promises: Beautiful, Dark, and Twisted.