Earlier today the Los Angeles Clippers agree to trade Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets after the 9x All-Star informed the Clips he'd be signing with the Rockets in free agency.

The 32-year old point guard has spent the last six seasons in LA and has been a big part of the community, including LA's Best and the Brotherhood Crusade.

CP3, who is currently wheels up to H-Town, just shared a statement regarding today's trade, which reads,

"To the Los Angeles community and to CLIPPER NATION I say THANK YOU!!! For the past 6 years you all have welcomed not only me but my family. We love all of you.

Most importantly, I'm thinking about the kids at LA's Best and the Brotherhood Crusade. You guys have changed my life. Doesn't matter where I go to work- we have a lot more to do."

Check out the full statement below via CP3's tweet.