Athletes will do anything they can to get a competitive advantage on their opponents and Chris Paul is no different. Over the weekend, Paul came under fire after he snitched on Jordan Bell of the Minnesota Timberwolves for having his jersey untucked. This led to a delay of game foul and eventually, Paul's OKC Thunder were able to come back and secure the win in overtime. On Sunday, Paul was up to this same bag of tricks as his team took on the Portland Trail Blazers.

At one point, Anthony was frustrated with the previous play and clapped his hands quite loudly. Paul immediately spun around, looked at the ref and yelled: "that's a tech." Hilariously, the referee obliged and gave Melo the technical which led to a chorus of boos from the Portland crowd.

Paul has been hilariously dubbed by NBA fans as a "snitch" although some feel as though he is simply doing whatever he can to get a leg up on his opponents. You never know how a call can change the course of a game and when you're playing for a rebuilding team, you want to make sure you rack up as many wins as possible before the end of the season. 

After the game, Melo and Paul seemed cordial and dapped each other up so we doubt there is any real beef behind the whole thing. Regardless, you can't help but laugh.