These last 48 hours in the NBA have been stressful for various parties. Of course, it all started when the Milwaukee Bucks decided to boycott their match against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday. It was a decision that very few people saw coming although it sparked a league-wide boycott that almost claimed the end of the NBA season. However, games are set to restart on Saturday, and system change is already on its way thanks to a plethora of new initiatives that will be enacted by both the players and owners.

Today, Chris Paul got to address the media and spoke directly about some of the efforts the players partook in. Paul has been a leader in this regard, especially since he helped put together a large percentage of the bubble. In the clip below, Paul got emotional speaking about the last few days and even noted that he spoke to the father of Jacob Blake.

Paul went on to say that what the players are trying to accomplish is extremely important and that everyone cares deeply about what's going on outside the bubble. The players have been away from their families which makes this entire situation that much more difficult.

As for Paul and the Thunder, they will be back in action as of Saturday as their team takes on the Houston Rockets in Game 5 of their first-round series.