Chris Paul admits that his friendship will Carmelo Anthony will always carry forward a certain element of bias. So it comes as no surprise, that he never once hesitated in his recruitment of Carmelo to the Rockets in 2018-2019. He always saw it as "no-brainer," as he stated Friday in an interview conducted by ESPN's The Jump. Beyond stating the obvious, Chris Paul went as far as to label Carmelo Anthony as one of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball. His words, not mine.

"The disrespect that comes at him at times is unbelievable, you know what I mean?" asked Chris Paul. "So for us, having one of the best players to ever play the game on our team, that's a no-brainer." 

When asked by the panel to provide a rationale for the Rockets' title blueprint, Paul kept it rather simple. "I think we just hoop," Paul interjected. "I think that's been the cool thing about bringing in different players that have played in different systems. Hell.. me last year, I came into a different situation. I had seen it. Coach (D'Antoni) had talked about it. But it's a different thing to play within the system."

What Paul is saying has come logic to it. People thought he and Harden couldn't coexist in the same backcourt, and yet they came within a game of reaching the finals, much thanks to Coach D'Antoni strategic planning. 2018-2019 might be one of Paul's final shots at NBA title enshrinement unless he resorts to ring chasing in his later years. How do you foresee the Melo addition working out for the Rockets this upcoming season, comment below?