Netflix has warned against taking part in the "Bird Box Challenge," but it appears NBA refs officiating last night's Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors game didn't get the memo.

During the closing seconds of overtime, with the game knotted at 132, Kevin Durant lost control of the ball and was all the way (and I mean ALL THE WAY) out of bounds when he chucked the rock back onto the court - which resulted in a Steph Curry jumper to give the Warriors a two-point advantage.

Chris Paul, who remains sidelined with a hamstring injury, and Rockets GM Daryl Morey were among those who quickly hopped on twitter to compare the refs' unbelievable blunder to Netflix's hit film "Bird Box," which is based around people not being able to see.

Kevin Durant knew he was clearly out of bounds, obviously, but told reporters that he wasn't surprised it went unnoticed by the officials. 

"I could believe it because the refs were missing a lot tonight. And they miss a lot in general, so you can easily fool them."

It all worked out in the end, as James Harden buried a miraculous three-pointer with one second remaining to give the Rockets a 135-134 victory. The reigning NBA MVP finished with a game-high 44 points to go along with 15 assists and 10 rebounds.

Says Harden, "[People] talk too much about my fouls and not actually the greatness of what I'm doing out there on the court. That's what we need to focus on."