Two years ago, Chris D'Elia had a viral moment on twitter thanks to a spot-on Eminem impersonation. The comedian was already pretty well established at the time, but this clip of him rapping in the vein of Eminem's newest Kamikaze album (at the time) propelled his career even further, and gained him new fans.

Not only that, it resulted in more work for the comedian, as he was later recruited to take part in Logic's music video for "Homicide," a collaboration with Eminem that featured D'Elia's parody attached to the end of it.

Chris D'Elia Eminem Joe Rogan Podcast

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Now, a couple of years later, D'Elia dives back into the story to explain it in full while on Joe Rogan's new podcast. Actually, this story is about Chris D'Elia almost shitting his pants on the way to meet Eminem for the first time-- but he gets sidetracked along the way by Rogan so he can explain the story of how his little parody clip went viral.

Chris D'Elia begins, "I was at my old house, this was maybe two years ago at this point, and I was in the driveway, I don't remember what I was doing but I was waiting for something. It had been right around the time of Eminem's album, so he was on my mind. I was thinking about him and I was like this is how he raps. So I started doing it to the radio, and I was like oh this is funny, I'm gunna record it. And I recorded it one time-- and i was like that's funny, I'll put it online. I put it online, and it got traction for me-- it had a lot of hits for me, on my Instagram, I was like cool, great. And then like a month later, Black twitter took it..They didn't know who I was but they were like, 'this guy says this is how Eminem raps.' And then it got millions of hits on twitter. Then it got so big, my buddy was like you think Eminem's probably seen it right? I was like 'maybe.'"

D'Elia continues, "And then a week or two later, my buddy texted me, like 'bro, Eminem.' I was like 'what?' He was like 'You didn't see? Check twitter.' And I checked, and he was like, 'I thought this was me.' And I was like whaaattt?! If you told 20-year old me...And then he was like 'I'm gunna rap battle Chris D'Elia one day' and I was like, 'am I in the hip-hop game now?!'" 

It didn't end there, though, as D'Elia's hip-hop connects kept flooding in: "And then Logic, the rapper, hit me up."

D'Elia goes on to explain how his manager called him to tell him that Logic was planning a collaboration with Eminem, with D'Elia's skit tacked on to the end. "I was like of course that's okay! Don't ask for any money just let him have it!," he says. That collab eventually turned into a music video appearance for the comedian.

Catch this story, and the one about D'Elia almost shitting his pants around 25-minute mark.