A few months ago, Eminem released Kamikaze as a response to all of the critics who said the Detroit rapper was washed after the disappointing reception from his album Revival. Immediately after the album was released, comedian Chris D'Elia posted a hilarious freestyle from the seat of his car where he imitated Eminem's gruff flow and wordplay. The video went viral and is now consistently referenced when people make fun of Eminem. Most recently, Em released an 11-minute Freestyle to go with his new film Bodied which once again, brought some heavy criticism.

In light of that freestyle, D'Elia has decided to come back with a brand new Eminem parody and this time he has upped the production value. The comedian can be seen in his garage, pacing back and forth and delivering some fast-paced, yet indecipherable raps. The lyrics mostly make no sense but it doesn't matter because the video is truly hilarious.


Throughout his verse, D'Elia stops for some heavy breaths, all while his dog looks on from the doorway. He also went and tagged Eminem in the video so it will be interesting to see if the rapper will have any words for D'Elia.

Considering the comedian has shown himself to have some rapping chops, maybe they'll even engage in a beef.