A story that detailed an event in which Chris Brown acted very rudely towards a flight attendant made the gossip rounds earlier today, but his representative is denying pretty much all the claims.

The original scoop came from Us Magazine, and alleged that the singer became belligerent when asked to stop smoking while on a private plane. “He blew smoke at a flight attendant and said, ‘I paid $60,000 for this jet, so I own it and everyone inside,’” said the source.

According to the story, Chris then insulted the attendant's age. “He told her, ‘What is your old ass doing here anyway? I like to have the help be people I’d actually like to fuck.’”

A rep for the singer tells a much different story, releasing an official statement to Us. Read it below, and let us know what you think really happened in the comments below.

This story is false. Chris was smoking on the plane prior to takeoff as was a companion of his. The pilot explained it was a non-smoking flight so Chris immediately extinguished his cigarette. His companion did as well but in a manner which angered the pilot who then said he would not fly the plane until this person was removed. Chris spoke to his tour manager, who was speaking with the pilot, and asked if they could replace the pilot. In the end, his companion was removed and the plane departed. Also, contrary to the story, there was only one flight attendant, not two and Chris was never rude to her. In addition, Chris did not pay for the plane, the music label paid.