Chris Brown has been romantically linked to a handful of different models this year but it looks like the one he's actually spending time with has been identified. Ammika Harris has been rumoured to be spending her late nights with the Virginia singer for years but in 2019, things have finally heated up. The couple has yet to go public but it looks like they're unafraid of plastering their love across social media. Today, Ammika posted a shot of herself and Breezy just had to comment, reminding her that she's "stunning." Another commenter decided to try and ruin the model's day, telling her that she's only pretty when she's wearing make-up. Not allowing herself to get bullied, she came through with an appropriate response.

When a fan tried to tell Chris Brown that his girlfriend was only pretty because of her make-up, Ammika took matters into her own hands when she pulled through with a loud reply. "Believe me he knows how I look WITHOUT ALL THE MAKE UP U TALKING ABOUT," she wrote. 

The response was picked up by The Shade Room and as always, their comment section was a little messy. Some fans referred to her as "Karrueche 2.0," while others questioned why Breezy slid into Rihanna's comments this week if he already has a boo.