Now that there's a mere hour or so left of 2018, it's a good time more than ever to quickly look back on the year and all the grateful moments and people that made it so special. Chris Bown did the latter and his favourite person that clearly made him the most grateful was none other than his daughter, Royalty. 

The four-year-old cutie is growing up so fast and is looking a lot like her father in the latest photos shared to Chris' feed. "BE THANKFUL FOR YOUR BLESSINGS," he captioned a photo of her smiling wide.

"I think with me, the main thing is probably patience," Chris previously stated when discussing what fatherhood has taught him. "With me, I always want stuff done right now—'Let's get it done, let's get it done!' but, you know, being able to be a father and, you know, seeing my daughter, you know, from those gradual stages, from crawling to walking to saying words now, you know, learning different things every day is kinda just teaching me patience."

Chris further explained how being a dad is very humbling and it's the little things that matter the most when it comes to spending time with his precious daughter.