Did anybody expect this to be smooth sailing for Chris Brown? Even when there's extremely positive news in his life, including reports that his family will soon grow by one, the man is plagued with rumors, gossip and straight-up controversy. Several days ago, Breezy informed all of his fans that he would be going on a mass unfollow spree and now, he's following exactly zero people on Instagram. That's not the craziest news but it opened a door for the most dramatic members of society to look further into his relationship with ex-girlfriend Ammika Harris. We've been hearing for weeks that Chris Brown is expecting another baby with his ex and according to HollywoodLife, things may have just gotten a little complicated.

To start off, the gossip publication claims that Ammika also hit Chris with the unfollow button, which has not been confirmed. What has been confirmed though is the fact that the self-described "blasian" woman has been posting countless photos of herself with no traces of a baby bump. Now, it's very possible that she's selecting photos that are a little bit older to hide her pregnancy until she's ready to flaunt it but some fans are assuming that the entire thing is made-up because of these pictures. "Survey says not pregnant," wrote one Breezy fan. 

Hopefully, either Ammika or Chris clears up the confusion because people are starting to talk and that's never a good thing.