Chris Brown is currently on tour to promote his new album but he's not missing out on seeing his beautiful daughter grow up in front of his very eyes. Although he will surely have less time to spend with family as he travels across the country, we're sure he'll be fitting in some quality time with his baby when he can. For now, he's stuck watching videos of her on his family's proper social pages, including this one of RoRo singing his most recent hit single.

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

After Drake and Chris Brown squashed their longstanding beef this year, the two talented artists decided to hop in the studio and create a smash song that would go on to perform numbers on the charts. Anything Drake releases is bound to do well but when you mesh Breezy and Drizzy on the same cut, they're guaranteed to do some damage. "No Guidance" is one of the inarguable songs of the summer and Royalty Brown is definitely feeling it. 

She went for a swim with her grandmother when the camera came out, capturing Royalty in her element. Breezy's mom prompted her to get a move on with her vocals as the song played in the background and she came through, belting out Drake's verse in her adorable way. If Chris' daughter isn't the cutest kid on the planet, then we don't know what's good. Watch the video, reposted by a fan page, below.