Proud parents Chris Brown and Ammika Harris are enjoying their new bundle of joy. Aeko Brown was welcomed into the world weeks ago and both Chris and Ammika are adjusting to having a newborn in the home. As this is Ammika's first child, the new mom is learning how her body has changed pre and post-birth, and on Wednesday, she shared that she was misinformed about what it would be like to lose her pregnancy weight.

"At the beginning of my pregnancy I weight 108lbs by the end I was 157lbs. i was huge," Ammika wrote on her Instagram Story. "During my pregnancy I said to myself. I need to get back to my regular size ASAP. I would say I'll give myself 2 weeks. I didn't know what to expect after giving birth. Especially after c section. 2 weeks was impossible. Your body needs time to recover and you need to give your uterus time to shrink too. I'm now 4 weeks postpartum. This is my belly today. 2 more weeks until I can start working out again."

In the next Instagram Story slide, Ammika shared that she's proud of her C-section scar because it reminds her that she gave life. However, an Instagram user was insulted by her remark, accusing the young mother of insinuating that women who give birth vaginally are somehow less than. The person called Ammika a "dumb b*tch" during her response, but Ammika politely issued a public reply stating that wasn't what she meant, at all.

"A WOMANS body in general is amazing," Ammika told the person. "Me personally thought having a c section would make me less of a mother or less stronger as other women. But that's not true. AGAIN WOMEN IN GENERAL ARE AMAZING. But sometimes we don't get to decide how we want to give birth to our child." Check out her slides below.