Even though Chris Brown is currently making bank off of his Rihanna thirst, he's been extremely busy lusting after his alleged baby mama Ammika Harris. CB's on-again-off-again girlfriend is rumoured to be expecting the singer's second child but neither she nor Breezy have confirmed the news. Harris recently got back to one of her favourite pastimes, painting some anime-inspired artwork and showing it off on social media. Of course, her boyfriend slid into the comments to leave his opinion of the work.

"YOU ARE SO DOPE," wrote the recording artist in her inbox before explaining how he's proud that she's back on her grind. "Bout time u started painting again. NOW MY PARTNER IN CRIME IS BACK," he added. Ammika wrote back that the piece was actually only created because of Chris. "U WAS MY MOTIVATION FOR THIS," replied Harris. Clearly, these two still have very strong feelings for one another.

This week, Chris Brown showed off his updated tour bus after he painted Ammika's face on the side. She noted that she was blushing when she saw the end result, keeping her eyes on her man until he gets off tour.

Do you approve of this couple? And tell us what you think of her artwork.