Chris Brown is the latest celebrity to have past infractions used against him once his name is in the press for a fight with another artist.  The L.A. District Attorney recently alleged that Brown did not actually complete his community service, and had used fraudulent documentation while never fully finishing his mandated 180 hours.  He was in court today, and it seems the singer will have to wait until he knows the ruling.  Also, his long-time  “companion,” Rihanna, was by his side offering her support.

After reviewing the documents and charges levied against the mercurial artist, TMZ reports the Judge had ordered Chris to meet with his L.A. probation officer within the next 48 hours, and discuss the allegations that documents saying he finished over 200 hours of community service are not valid. 

The judge said that he would require additional time to look over the documents presented by the D.A. against Brown, and would also like to speak to the parole officer once he has met with Chris.  The follow up hearing examining the legitimacy of Chris Brown completing his community service is scheduled for April 5th.