Chris Brown had a whole lot of music to get off his chest this Halloween, dropping the 45-track opus Heartbreak on a Full Moon to the delight of his fans. He didn't stop there either, gifting listeners with a bonus song, "Last All Night," not long after that, making his one-day music output larger than the yearly haul for most of his contemporaries. However, despite this great artistic accomplishment, all is not sitting well with Breezy where his new album is concerned. Apparently, he'll be at a disadvantage when it comes to collecting all the sales stats from the week that will soon be over to determine which LP will sit atop the Billboard 200 in the next incarnation of the chart.

In an Instagram post that he published earlier today, Brown vented about the fact that he'd be shortchanged two sales days this week, getting the benefit of only three days' worth of stats, while his competition's numbers will reflect a full week of sales. Obviously, this isn't pleasing Chris, who voiced his displeasure in the caption. "So I’m hearing that I will only be credited for 3 days of sales for my first week," he began. "DONT UNDERSTAND how that is...👀. Just like the 9 platinum plaques RIAA Just dropped out of the sky this year(not including the 3 that I just received for HOAFM singles). (10 platinums =💎)." Despite this setback, the singer wanted to end off the post by showing nothing but love to those who have continued to support him and the new album. ".... FUCK IT, either way I’m thankful for the support. ❤️"

HBOAFM is Brown's follow-up to 2015's Royalty and is lead by a bunch of singles that have been out on the market for a while now, including "Privacy" and "Party," both of which have been extremely successful in their own rights. “More of the album that you see is singles now," said Brown of the LP's construction. "When you listen to the albums its more in depth about me. So you get 40 songs, so I wanted to show people hey man why cant we all push ourselves to make 45 bangers."

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