Public figures don't post up together on social media unless they're cooking something up. There's a body of evidence to support the friend-phony paradox we've come to identify as "social networking." The following Instagram post is a good example of this phenomenon unfolding right before our eyes, except in this instance, no one except Marshmello is keen on saving face.

Back in October of 2018, Marshmello posted a picture with Tyga and Chris Brown on social media. The caption read: "We Got One" insinuating the trio had crafted a song or the slightest inclination towards a song at the very least. As it turns out, Marsh was up to something when he posted that image back in October, cementing the point I made earlier on the topic of social networking and intentionality.

Well, it would seem all too likely that it took Tyga, Chris Brown and Marshmello another 5 months to bring the unknown song closer to the finish line. "All hits when we link," wrote Tyga in the caption section of yet another portrait, this one different from the last - leading to speculation that a music video shoot took place yesterday evening, some suggesting centered a rumored song called "Higher," others choosing to live in the moment all the same. All to say, Chris Brown fan sites have been working overtime trying to deduce a fact sheet regarding the prospective video, much to Deathstroke's delight.