According to TMZ, Chris Brown and his estranged baby mother Nia Guzman have been getting along a lot better of late. Their real live "laundry" had become fodder for gossip columns, as they battled for influence (control) over their 4-year-old daughter, Royalty. Much of the debacle hinged upon Nia Guzman demanding greater compensation, while Chris Brown appeared to be unhappy with his depiction as a "deadbeat Dad" outside of his household.

Well, it turns out, tension has petered out momentarily, as Chris Brown and Guzman are looking into restructuring the custody agreement. Chris has been regularly meeting the requirements of the initial agreement, at about $2,500 per month, which pales in comparison to the $21,000 monthly allowance she'd been openly demanding in a revised plan. Sources don't believe Brown will necessarily acquiesce to those demands, but a figure somewhere in the middle seems tenable. 

As part of the revised deal, Chris Brown will reportedly buy Nia Guzman a new house and will cover the portion of his baby mother's legal costs, at least $100k of which he feels directly responsible for incurring. This is a progressive step in their co-parenting arrangement. The last time Nia Guzman increased her demands for compensation, it was met with a violent outburst from Brown.