The internet has been reeling over Verzuz for a minute and, with Timbaland and Swizz Beatz's new partnership with Apple Music, it has become much easier to watch the battles. As we wait for an official announcement regarding who will be going head-to-head next, people began placing bets on a possible Chris Brown vs. Usher face-off.

Before the weekend, Chris Brown shut down any speculation that he would be participating in the celebration of hits, claiming that the only person he is open to competing against is himself. That only got people thinking harder, wondering who would win between him and Usher, leading him to make another statement on the matter, implying that he would get the W without much effort.

"What we not gone do is CAP," wrote Breezy on Instagram Stories. "I could do a vs off features alone... So I'll humbly decline... I'm busy doing nothing."

The comments have people wondering if he's right. Obviously, Chris has a slew of hit records to his name and, like he said, his feature catalog is insane. However, we can't discount Usher's longstanding success rate. That man has straight classics. This one would definitely be pretty fun to watch but, unfortunately, it doesn't look like CB is up for it.