We hope you're not getting sick of Chris Brown just yet, as the r'n'b singer isn't quite done what seems to be like interview after interview. The artist woke up early for an interview with The Breakfast Club this morning, and during their thirty-minute long conversation, they touched on a variety of topics, including ones Chris has covered in length before, like Frank Ocean and Drake beefs. The candid conversation also sparked different topics, like breaking up with Karrueche Tran, his image in the media, his ten cars, his upcoming artists and much more. 

Chris Brown of course discussed his string of bad media, which included cussing out a valet, and most recently, getting booed at a basketball game. Chris doesn't seem to worried, as he said, "I gotta just take that on the chin, I can't expect everybody to like, like even at the Knicks game, I just smile, one thing they don't like to see you do is smile, they could boo all day but I'm rich."

Chris also touched on his low period after abusing Rihanna in 2009, and he gives his friends credit for helping him get out of it, "I think my friends, man, at the end of the day I started seeing, I didn't want the image of who I am and all the people I hang around to effect what I'm doing. I don't wanna always portray that image that I'm tryna be tough, I'm not sitting here tryna be hood, tryna be gangster, none of that."

Breezy continued, revealing he was unsure he would recover from the backlash of the infamous incident, "Well, you know I always doubted. I went through like a little depression part, but I think like the first two years when I really couldn't get radio spins, and people weren't tryna buy my records on iTunes, or really tryna even...my album was tanking! I was like 'dang, I don't think it's gunna happen for me, I'm only 22, 21 I'ma try out for the Knicks or something."

The singer also spoke on breaking up with Karrueche for Rihanna, and how he broke the news to her, "You know, the one thing about me and Karreuche, she was my friend through it all, so it was a friendship more than a relationship. Yeah, I still love her, but at the end of the day, it's like, I got love for her, like she always gunna be my homie, so I just broke to her like, 'look, I'm still in love with this person, I love you but it's hard for me.' I just had to be honest, I couldn't lie anymore."

Check out Chris Brown's full interview below. He says he's planning to drop his new album Xin the summer some time, definitely before the "back-to-school" season starts.