Ever since Royalty Brown was born, she's been a major part of Chris Brown's life. He constantly shares his favorite moments with his daughter on social media for us all to go crazy over. Royalty really is the cutest kid in the world. Her smile is infectious and we've never even met her in person. However, whenever Breezy posts a photo of his girl, you can't help but gush over their ideal relationship. Just a few days ago, Chris shared a photo of his daughter all bundled up in the rain and now, he's one-upping himself by uploading a shot of Royalty lounging in the movie theatre with a bag of popcorn and a Slurpee.

The singer was taking care of his daughter last night, spending some time with RoRo as they enjoyed a movie together. The little girl had a huge smile on her face while digging into the popcorn bag in her pajamas. Considering the way she's casually laying down on the chairs, we assume they're in Breezy's home theatre, which evidently has a top-notch popcorn and Slurpee machine. 

No word on which flick they caught with Chris remaining quiet on that front. He posted a red heart emoji and went on with his day, letting all his fans go crazy in the comments.