So far, we've been astounded by Jada Pinkett Smith, Halle BerryNicki Minaj and, surprisingly enough, Love & Hip-Hop's A1 Bentley, during this viral DMX Challenge. If you've never heard of it, the craze has already started to die down quite a bit. However, here's the run-down. Women around the nation have been posting video mash-ups of themselves with the different hairstyles they've rocked over the years, syncing the cuts with DMX's song "What These Bitches Want." X lists off a number of names and women have been flocking at the opportunity to take on different identities based on the color of their wigs. There haven't been too many men working on this challenge but if anybody was about to come through on this, it needed to be Chris Brown

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

The multi-talented recording artist has officially entered his name in the hat, attempting to become the strongest competitor thus far. He's got a tall task ahead of him but still, we've got to admit that he killed it. Over the years, Breezy has tried out multiple different eccentric styles with his hair. He's gone full rainbow, dyed his tips purple, gotten lines shaved in, and more. Chris Brown is unafraid of taking chances on his look and why should he be? If he doesn't mess with his cut, he can just go to the next barber. His DMX Challenge video includes too many of the iconic looks he's rocked over the years.

Where does his video rank for you?