Tumultuous though his stay might have been, Chris Brown isn't quite ready to leave Paris in his wake. Of course, yesterday found the singer's character being questioned yet again, after a woman accused him of raping her in a hotel room; as a result of her claims, Breezy found himself detained by Parisien police, facing some potentially serious charges in the process. Still, he remained adamant that the claims were false, and found himself garnering support from T.I., Joyner Lucas, and more. After a while, police ultimately released Brown free of charge, and many expected the megastar to flee the country for a premature homecoming. 

 Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

Yet Breezy still has work to do. TMZ has confirmed that the singer is currently filming a music video on Parisien soil, a production that he has already invested six figures into. Tainted though his trip may be, it's clear that Brown means to honor his artistic commitments. The publication has captured footage of Brown, donning a truly Joe Budden-esque outfit, dancing by a moonlit canal. For what it's worth, Chris Brown seemed to be in good spirits, after he was seen leaving a hotel in the wake of the allegations. Check out the footage below, via TMZ