Breezy's latest studio session has led many fans to believe that the Heartbreak On A Full Moon singer has a new leading lady in his life.

In one of his last Instagram shares, we see a photo of Chris and Indonesian pop singer, Agnez Mo, cosying up together. Although Chris only captions the photo saying, "got some dope shit cooking," their beaming smiles make us think there's more than just a music collaboration. 

Agnez may just be blazing her path in the American music industry, but the singer has been a chart-topping superstar in her native land of Indonesian. Her recent feature in Vogue explains how the “Long As I Get Paid” songstress has been in the industry since she was just six-years-old. 

She's worked with top producers such as Timbaland and Danja where she tells the magazine, “A lot of artists love to change up their teams, but I’m not like that because I’ve always believed that your squad should be a family. I want the people who are there to be there because what we’re creating together is cool, not just because they’re getting paid. [So] when I found the right team, I wanted to stick with them.”

Agnez's pop-infectious beats and sexually-explicit lyrics will be nothing new for a Chris collaboration.

“I don’t think that the music you’re hearing [from me] is the first thing that comes to mind when people look at me,” she further tells Vogue. “They look at my face and they think, ‘Oh, she’s Asian, so [the music] is going to be like this’—I’ve [gone] through a lot of people who’ve tried to tell me what do do.”