Chris Breezy went ahead and added a major addition to his already inked-up body with a pretty big piece marked on the side of his head.

The Heartbreak On A Full Moon singer shared the new looks on his Instagram citing Rafael Valdez as the artist who drew the creation, that looks to be Mortal Kombat character, Sub-Zero, with the infamous white eyes and all. Chris didn't elaborate on the meaning behind his new tattoo when sharing to Instagram, but a few fans have already expressed their take on his new ink via Twitter. Check out some reactions below.

T-Pain recently made headlines for saying Chris' last full length, 45-track album was his favourite project of 2017. "You’re gonna like most of that album, but even if you don’t like most of the album, you’re gonna like an album’s worth of that album," he said. "There’s for sure 12 songs on there that you’ll like. You can’t go wrong. You cannot not like a big chunk of 45 songs. You’re gonna like an album’s worth of it so there’s no way to lose on that album. There’s no way to not like that album."