Los Angeles Lakers fans have been waiting for a moment like this for years. Rebuilding with their young core of Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, and Brandon Ingram, the Lakers brass potentially made the biggest move of the offseason, signing LeBron James to a massive 4-year contract. With one of the best basketball players in the world joining the L.A. squad, many had an opinion on social media, sharing their initial reactions to the news. Yet another marquee player for the storied franchise means plenty of bandwagon fans will follow suit and Chris Brown is not making it easy for former Cavs or Warriors fans to cheer for the LakeShow. 

Although he deleted the post, Chris Brown shared a form specifically made for anybody planning to jump ship and cheer for the Luke Walton-coached team next season. Among the questions fans must successfully answer are who the Lakers "GOAT" is and which former Laker is a coward. Respectfully, fans are prompted to answer Kobe Bryant & Magic Johnson for the first question and, of course, Dwight Howard for the second. Perhaps Chris felt that the upload was too biased as he removed it from his feed after receiving over a hundred thousand likes. Noticeably excited that LeBron has finally arrived in La La Land, Breezy said he was retrieving his old Laker gear in the stash, reviving his emotions in the team much like many former fans.

Do you think LeBron could eventually lead the Lakers to a championship or does he need a co-star like Kawhi Leonard or Boogie Cousins to help him?