It's that time of year again. Summer is nearly over and people around the world are preparing for their first days back at school. Today marked the beginning of the new semester for a lot of grade school-aged children, including Royalty Brown. Her famous father, Chris Brown, regularly updates his fans on his daughter, sharing tons of adorable photos of the two together and proving that he's one of the most loving fathers in the business. Breezy is obsessed with his baby girl and it's crazy to see how much she's grown in the last few years. Today, the recording artist posted a shot of RoRo who got all dressed up in her school uniform for her first day back, flashing her infectious smile for the camera.

Royalty Brown grins from ear to ear in one of the cutest photos you've ever seen of the 5-year-old. She carries her pink backpack -- which is about half her size -- and accessorizes with the same color shoes. Of course, Chris marvelled at how big his little girl is getting in the caption, writing, "My baby first day of school! Where has the time gone? SO PROUD OF YOU BOOBOO."

Chris is currently on the INDIGOAT tour, where he suffered some technical difficulties this week. After a tornado was expected in the area he was performing in, the sound was shut off but, being the excellent performer that he is, Brown improvized for a bit before he could resume on the microphone.