Chris Brown's pockets may be slightly lighter, but he's at least rid himself of the stress surrounding two lawsuits. Both stemmed from separate assault cases, the first, being the much-publicized fight in Washington, D.C., and the other, stemming from the time Breezy got into a fight with Frank Ocean and crew outside a recording studio in L.A.

TMZ reports that Chris Brown settled the civil lawsuit from the Washington, D.C. assault by forking over $100,000. The case itself was recently settled in court when Breezy's lawyer finagled a plea deal for the singer, so he was able to avoid any jail time. The other lawsuit from the studio brawl was filed by Frank Ocean's cousin for $3 million, as we initially reported. Sha'Keir Duarte didn't end up getting quite as much as he asked for, but settled for just under $20,000, which seems hefty enough.