Breezy won't be misread, with or without giant typeface on Instagram. If he were subject to an NBA 2K rating, game developers would "get it wrong" and never hear the end of it. He'd ask them to incorporate his choreography into gameplay. "Basketball is basically dancing, but with a scoreline," he would argue. Who would give in to lawmakers?

Within the spectrum of dating, his demands are even more strenuous. He said so himself on Instagram 4 hours ago in a PSA directed at social commentary regarding his dating life. Brown stated, "Yes, I do have a type! It's called bad bitch," no holds barred. Of course, the very definition of a "Bad Bitch" varies from person to person.

Some would argue such designation is only a befitting of "self-driven types," whereas others elect to use term more disparagingly. Regardless of where you stand, the term itself demands a qualitative understanding of desire, dimensions that take a lifetime to explore.

Breezy is basically a catcall away from another purgatory sentence, so you'd think. His Internet simping is as exploitative as it is record-breaking. No one is visibly forcing his hand, a public moratorium only works against people caught in the act. And yes this document is not a forgery, I found it on Chris Brown's Instagram page, in broad daylight.

That's Breezy for you, the oily car salesman with a shady record of employment.