Plenty of rumors swirl around Chris Brown on the daily. Some of them have to do with Rihanna, some are about his tattoos, and sometimes it's about the infamous brawl involving Drake.

While having an in-depth convo with Big Boy on Power 106, Breezy tackled a bunch of these rumors in questions, in particular, he spoke on the "beef" with Drake, dismissing it.

Breezy says he has no vendetta or chip on his shoulder concerning Drake, and he's just focusing on his music: "I focus on me. You can't promote that [beef]. What I promote now is making sure the kids see me in a positive light. So whatever altercation, you handle it as it comes, as a man. I don't walk around with a vendetta or a chip on my shoulder tryna look for somebody."

One particular rumor associated with Brown was that Jay-Z had spoke to the singer and said he'd "end his career" if Brown and Rihanna got back together. Brown denies this ever happened, and explained what really went down that night he spoke to Hov, via MissInfo.

"It was like a green room backstage, he comes says what’s up to everybody. And it was cordial ‘what’s up man how you doing?’, ‘nice seeing you I ain’t seen you in a minute,’. It was real respectful, it was nothing like that. I went to the [Barclays] Center to see the show. People like to take it and run with it because they have nothing else, there’s no feud."

In related news, Rihanna has said in her interview with GQ that there is no "proof" the nightclub brawl was about her. "There's no proof of that being for my love. That's my answer to that question," she said.