Retail shoppers in London, England have reported seeing strong warning labels on the CD cover of Chris Brown’s top-charting album Fortune being sold at HMV.

From Gawker, the warnings, printed in yellow, read in bold print “Warning: Do Not Buy this Album!  This Man Beats Women.”  Reportedly, it’s an anti-domestic violence group in London that has been plastering the CDs with these ‘warnings’. 

These advisories stem from 2009 when Brown was charged with felony assault for physically abusing his then long-time girlfriend, R&B/Pop icon, Rihanna.  Although the two have apparently made amends, and still care for one another, Chris Brown still carries the stigma for this much publicized assault.  

No report on how many of these albums have the warning labels affixed, but overall Brown’s latest LP has been performing well on the sales charts