So here's where we were last time we reported on Chris Brown's seemingly never-ending legal troubles: his lawyer, Mark Geragos, was proposing that the D.C. assault case (Breezy allegedly attacked a man outside the W Hotel in Washington, D.C.) be dismissed after he discovered the prosecution had convened the jury simply to gauge their reactions to witnesses before the case officially went to court, which is an unlawful use of their power.

Today, news has surfaced that a D.C. judge Patricia Wynn has denied Geragos' request for a dismissal. "I am persuaded that there was no abuse," she said according to Huffington Post. As well, police Detective Kimberly Metivier has revealed that Chris Brown's bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, has confessed to punching the man outside the W hotel. Metivier testified during the hearing that Hollosy admitted he was at fault and not Chris-- "He was yelling on his own accord that he was the one who did it … and not to arrest Mr. Brown," she said, adding that Hollosy said, "I punched him — not Chris."

The bodyguard's attorney claimed that his client had not been read his rights, and thus requested that the confession be suppressed as evidence during the trial. Judge Wynn, however, also denied this request.

Wynn has decided that both Chris and his bodyguard will be tried separately. Hollosy will start trial on April 17th, and Brown's will commence following the end of Hollosy's. A judge will decide in either case, and not a jury.

Brown's lawyer has called this "the most investigated misdemeanor of all time."

We'll update you as the both trials unfold.