Chris Brown's bodyguard, Chris Hollosy, began trial last week for the Washington, D.C. assault case. Hollosy had confessed to punching a man, Parker Adams, in the face outside the W Hotel in D.C. when the man attempted to photo bomb.

D.C. Judge Patricia Wynn said that Hollosy was not justified in hitting Adams, and there was no evidence that Adams was attempting to advance upon Brown. Hollosy's trial started and finished prior to Brown's own trial for the same case, and Wynn will also decide in Brown's case. It doesn't sound too good for Brown, as CNN reports that Wynn believed the limousine driver's testimony which said that Brown hit Adams before Hollosy also attacked him.

Chris Brown begins his trial today, and faces a misdemeanor charge. If charged, he could receive probation in D.C., although a judge in L.A. is waiting on the verdict to decide whether or not Breezy will remain in jail.

We'll update you once we get word on the verdict in Chris Brown's case.