Chris Brown has been known to dip his toes in the visual arts, but his work always seemed more of a personal hobby than a business venture. This week, the singer proved that he could actually generate money from his projects, at least when respected street artist KAI is involved.

Chris teamed with KAI for a few collaborations to be shown at Fine Art Auction Miami's Urban Art Week, and with the sales numbers in, Brown seems to have done pretty well for himself. The two worked on seven pieces together, and while only 3 sold, they still brought in over $60,000 in revenue, with two canvases going at 25k a piece, while the third was purchased for around $12,000. Half Of The Proceeds went to charity.

You can view some of the works (some of which actually depict Brown) below. Would you drop 5 figures on any of these? (we're sure they were asking a little more for the vintage Porsche).