Chris Brown seems to have a love-hate relationship with many of his fans online. While there are plenty of Breezy stans out there that support the R&B star in an unflinching way, there are almost as many detractors who consistently show up on social media to drag the music superstar for one reason or another. Case in point was a recent Instagram post made by Brown, where he got bent out of shape over people asking him to tag them in their own videos.

In a since-deleted upload, Breezy took some time out to clap back at all those who have surely flooded his DM's and asked for them to be properly tagged in any videos of their work that he shares on his social media platforms. According to Brown, many people have "blown up," in terms of the online recognition, after he's given their material a repost, but if someone shares your work and no one is around to see or hear it because of lack of tagging, does it make an impression?

There have been two distinct camps that the reactions to this post have fallen into: those who feel as though the complainers should be happy with Brown's willingness to repost their work and those who think the R&B sensation is being hypocritical, seeing as he probably was in a similar spot at some point in his career. Presumably because of the backlash, Brown took the post down just a few hours after he published it.

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