Chris Brown was scheduled to take a private flight to the Cannes Film Festival in France yesterday. According to TMZ, police were summoned to the scene after the pilot smelled marijuana smoke seeping into the cockpit. "We got kicked off the jet for smoking loud," one member of Brown's entourage wrote on Snapchat.

Brown clapped back at the TMZ report in an Instagram video denying that any marijuana had been smoked. "How the hell we in Cannes if we got escorted off a plane?" he asked the viewer. "One, marijuana smoke on a plane? I think we learned our lesson. I don't think we really need drugs on the plane.

He went on to suggest that the pilot attempt to solicit drugs from Brown's crew. "You should probably check with the pilot, because he definitely kept asking my homies for an 8-ball, and we definitely don't sell drugs," Brown said. "So I'ma be rich, stay rich and happy."

This chronicle oddly parallels that episode of "Entourage" where Vinnie Chase and the boys get a ride to Cannes in Kanye West's private jet. Watch it all go down below.