Every once in a while, Chris Brown will do something that drops our jaws to the floor. The man is so insanely talented, proving to be a skilled singer, dancer, actor, rapper, director, visual artist, and more. We're truly lucky to be witnessing all that Breezy has to offer as we likely won't be seeing a generational talent like him for a long time. While we all know just how brilliant he is, there is still a shade of discomfort whenever his name gets brought up because of all the controversy that has followed him around. Every month, it feels like there's a new lawsuit being filed against him and that hasn't helped to reshape his public image. Still, he finds ways to impress even his biggest haters, sharing a video of him pulling off some insane cartwheels and flips during a performance.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Embracing Indigo Season after the release of his latest project, Breezy wanted to subtly remind everyone of what you might witness on his tour. Without leaving much of a caption, Breezy left a video on his page for the fans to eat up, praising him for his moves on Instagram. "YOU ARE A CRAZY MOTHAFUCKA," wrote Action Bronson when he saw Chris pull flips, cartwheels, and crazy kicks during his performance. There is nothing I can say that will do this video justice. Watch it below and see for yourself. Chris Brown is one of a kind.