Chris Brown was not satisfied leaving his Offset feud to rest last night. After telling the Migos rapper to pull up to his crib, Chris had way more to say on Instagram. Their feud originally stems from the usage of 21 Savage memes. At first, Offset was just defending his close friend but their beef goes a little deeper now. Breezy is focused on clowning Set so hard that he permanently scars the rapper's ego. With comparisons to Pootie Tang and Boondocks characters, Brown isn't letting up. Last night, he released an onslaught of memes pertaining to his current rival after the Migos star said that Chris only fights women

When he wasn't comparing the rapper side-by-side with animated characters, Chris Brown reiterated that Offset was welcome to come get the smoke at his home, sharing his own address on Instagram. Previously, it had been leaked by way of their direct messages but Chris doubled up, making sure it was crystal clear that Offset was welcome over. 

If you ask me, this feud is based in pettiness. The two should be working together to help 21 Savage but instead, they're resorting to schoolyard tactics to get the one-up. Plus, there are all kinds of safety hazards now that Chris' address is public information. This is likely going to continue over the weekend. What are your thoughts?