After a long day of drama, which included an initial report of a woman claiming that Chris Brown threatened her with a gun, and following which, the police hounding down Chris Brown's door for the majority of the day, the singer was finally arrested towards the end of the day. The charge was assault with a deadly weapon. While the police were chilling in his driveaway and attempting to gain access to the singer, Brown allegedly threw out of his home a duffle bag containing drugs and a gun.

Since getting arrested and booked last night, Breezy is already out on bail of $250,000. The singer's lawyer has tweeted out some updates concerning the situation, saying that the "allegations against him are demonstrably false" and that "Chris is out and well." In related news, the woman who accused Brown of pulling a gun, Baylee Curran, has some legal trouble of her own in her past-- TMZ reports that she allegedly stole a designer purse from The Plaza hotel.

Brown is scheduled to be arraigned on September 20th. We'll update you as the case unfolds.