Whether you needed or wanted a motivational speech from Chris Brown, you've somehow found yourself reading this. Therefore, on some level, you find yourself drawn in by the gospel of Brown. You're not alone; the man has 44.9 Instagram followers, all of which received the summons. Perhaps you were simply feeling down in the dumps. In any case, Chris Brown is here to raise your spirits, or perhaps merely anger you, depending on your disposition. After all, motivational speeches can often seem like mere platitudes if served by the proverbial one percent. 

Still, there remains some truth to Chris' sermon, and an overall optimistic message. "NO-ONE CAN EVER SAY ITS TOO HARD OR MY SITUATION IS DIFFERENT! IM FROM COUNTRY ASS TAPPAHANNOCK... DESPITE MY JOURNEY, I GOT HERE!!!" he pens, placing an aerial shot of his mansion for emphasis. "FAIL AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES THEN GET DA FUCK UP AND WIN! The only thing they can’t take from you is your will and YOUR SMILE!!!! SMILE MOTHERFUCKAH!! I LOVE YOU!"

And there you have it. Let Breezy's love fill your dark soul with light. Is he on one, or actually speaking facts? Sound off below.