Since bursting onto the scene with his self-titled debut album more than a decade ago, Chris Brown has impressed millions of concertgoers and music fans the world over with his supreme talent as an R&B performer. Whether it's his emotional vocals or his impassioned, immaculately choreographed dance routines, Breezy is in his element no matter if he's singing or moving to the beat of the music. That multi-faceted skill set has earned him plenty of celebrity admirers, but few of those endorsements will come close to equaling the praise he recently received from one of  the best-known patriarchs in the business.

Joe Jackson, the father of several showbiz stars, took to Twitter over the weekend to shout out Brown and his extraordinary talent. " often said there are very few artists who can both sing and dance at a high level," said Jackson. "Chris is among the few."

Primarily known as a talent manager for his pop star kids, especially Michael and Janet Jackson, turns 90 next year and clearly has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the music industry from which to draw that praise and put forth that comparison. While MJ certainly has few challengers who come close to equaling his enormous gifts, Chris Brown's name has been thrown around in that conversation over the years as someone who mirrors a lot of what the legendary "Billie Jean" singer brought to the table.

After the tweet, Brown shared that moment on Instagram for his followers to see, many of whom were in agreement with the comparison being made. There's certainly a Thriller-esque flavor to Breezy's latest project, Heartbreak On A Full Moon, which blends smooth, hook-filled tracks with some horror film iconography to give his supporters a long record that, while potentially bloated in some spots, has already yielded him some massive returns. The record went Gold in its first week of availability to the public, despite a truncated time frame during which the sales and streaming stats were collected.

What do you think? Is Chris Brown worthy of the Michael Jackson comparison? Or is one artist so much better than the other? Have your say in the comments.