Chris Brown can't seem to avoid having his name attached to incidents like this one. The other week a fight broke out in a club, and once again Breezy's name was brought up, but he quickly denied having any part in it. The singer was also associated with the shooting of Suge Knight earlier this month, as the shooting occurred during a party he hosted. Now another incident has taken place at a Hollywood club, and once again Chris Brown's name is making headlines because of it.  

According to TMZ, Brown was a YMCMB afterparty at Supperclub in Hollywood on Monday night. After he finished his set, a fight broke out just as people were exiting the club, and someone got stabbed. The victim was taken to the hospital and he should fully recover.

The details on what exactly happened are scarce. No arrests were made, but the police reportedly believe that the cause of the drama is Chris Brown's entourage. Apparently the LAPD have even gone so far as to meet with club owners privately, and encourage them to ban Chris Brown and friends from their clubs-- however, they shell out too much money for any club owners to be down with the idea.

We'll keep you updated as more details arrive.