Last week, it was revealed that Chris Brown would be linking up with Nicki Minaj on tour in the summer, presumably enjoying co-headlining spots. The news came after Chris' new collaboration with Nicki and G-Eazy dropped, which will likely be included on the singer's upcoming Indigo project. When Wendy Williams decided to throw some subtle shade at both Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown by saying that they're always late for their performances, Chris decided to clap back with some words of his own. He ensured fans that the tour with Minaj would be on time before offering a glimpse into what he sees going down on stage.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

We all know that Breezy has got the moves on the dance floor. He can hang with the best of them and, like his fanbase so eagerly reminded Beyoncé's supporters last week, he can do a flip. When they set off on their tour this summer, CB sees a face-off with Nicki Minaj in his future with the two exchanging dance moves to prove who is the better of the two. He shared a video of two dancers showing off their moves to offer a glimpse into his tour preparation.

The prospect of a co-headlining tour between Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown is an exciting one for fans around the nation. Both artists have reached tremendous heights in their careers and they share similarly passionate fanbases. Each show is guaranteed to get loud.