Perry L. White is a costume designer who claims to have been cheated out of income by Chris Brown. White says he is owed $10,000 for the outfits he designed for Brown's last tour, Heartbreak On a Full Moon.

According to documents filed in L.A. County, obtained by The Blast, White says the entertainer, “has not paid me for wardrobe/clothing that I designed plus made for his tour.” The documents also state that White is in possession of “contracts and receipts” to support his filing.

Perry White is said to be a “celebrated and exclusive fashion designer,” according to his website, having worked with the likes of Queen Latifah, Macy Grey, Nicole Murphy and E.J. Johnson. He has also collaborated with Prince, Snoop DoggDr. DreIce Cube and LL Cool J.

The designer had flaunted the work he crafted during Brown's Heartbreak On a Full Moon tour, earlier this year. He posted a video showcasing his work, as Chris and his dancers rocked the outfits during a performance.

This lawsuit comes in addition to Chris Brown's ongoing legal proceedings for a case of extortion that has been dismissed. The singer plans to appeal the court's decision in the matter.