Last night, a report surfaced indicating that Chris Brown has been arrested in Paris, on the basis of a possible rape charge. Early this morning, TMZ has seemingly confirmed the validity of the claims. According to "French Authorities," Brown has been detained and is currently in the midst of being processed for arrest. The charges, aggravated rape and narcotics offenses, stemmed after a woman accused the singer of raping her at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, after they met at Le Crystal nightclub.

The publication has since updated the story, confirming that Chris Brown has "effectively been arrested." Part of his fate will be decided in the next two days, where he'll either have to be released or head to court. Apparently, a prosecutor can request that Brown be kept in custody, otherwise, the Judge may decide to let him free, albeit with "obligations." Yet either option bodes ill for Brown. Said obligations will likely include surrendering his passport to French authorities, and remaining in Paris until the trial kicks off, which may take up to one year. Not to mention, Brown will be required to make bi-weekly visits to French police stations to prove his presence.

This story continues to develop. For all intents and purposes, Brown appears to be facing increasingly serious consequences.