Chris Brown is back in media-form, full force promoting his new album simply titled X. When he announced the LP, he revealed that there would be a collaboration with West Coast emcee Kendrick Lamar, however details were sparse. In a new interview with MTV News, Breezy sheds some light on what to except from their collaboration, "Autumn Leaves."

Chris Brown said he went in a direction he didn't think the fans would expect with Kendrick Lamar-- the opposite of a club banger."I think people automatically assumed [that] with me and Kendrick Lamar, if we actually collaborated, it's gonna be a club joint, but for me, I always like to change and switch the envelope," the r'n'b singer explained. "Even when I did Juelz Santana on 'Run It,' at that time, real hard-core [rap music] wasn't really fusing with R&B like that. I try to change it up as much as possible. It's what I love to do."

Chris had said previously about the record, "Me and Kendrick on 'Autumn Leaves,' it's more of a sit in your car and ride-to record. It's a real laid-back record, but it's also a substance record." Now he's revealed the metaphor behind the title, "It's basically saying [that] you put in so much to get so little. Whether it be in relationships or just in life, you work hard for something all the time and get so little, but you still hold on, like the last leaf in autumn."

He also added a few details about a big Rihanna collaboration you can expect to find on X, which once again goes in a direction that might not be expected. "I wanted to do an R&B record with Rihanna, because I didn't want it to be the same four-on-the-floor pop," Chris said. "At the end of the day, that's what they expect from us, so I wanted to do more of a record that nobody really heard her sing on as far as that genre."

Chris Brown is aiming to drop X in the summer.