With the amount of ink that Chris Brown currently has, it's difficult to think of where he would position a new piece that he wants to highlight on his body. The man is always changing, either shifting musical styles, hair colors, fashion tendencies, or tattoos it seems. He has some room on his face but considering he's built a brand based partly off of his appearance, it would probably be a smart career move to not venture into face tattoo territory. Instead, he opted to get some new ink on his torso, showing off the work in progress next to his artist.

The entertainer took to Instagram to show all his fans the fresh piece, noting that it's not yet complete. "WORK IN PROGRESS! HE IS THE ILLEST AND CREATIVE!!!," said Breezy in relation to his tattoo artist. He's been working on filling out the lower half of his torso this year, adding the geometric work in recent months. 

Chris Brown was in the news yesterday as he seemingly made nice with his baby mother, Nia Guzman, agreeing to revise their custody settlement. Brown's Heartbreak on a Full Moon has been extremely successful for the singer, spending an entire year on the Billboard 200 chart and moving impressive numbers. Take a look at his new tattoo below.