Chris Brown has done it again. Just a day after getting the face of the historic Venus De Milo statue on the back of his head, Breezy decided to get the left side of his head filled in with another outlandish tattoo, this time of a bull.

Taking to Instagram Wedneday night, Breezy shared the picture of his new tattoo along with caption, “I do what the fuck I want,” which is pretty clear to us after this. The tattoo, which is just as big as the first one, takes up the entire back of his head and leaves Breezy completely hairless in the back of the head for the time being.

No word yet as for the significance behind these tattoos, but hopefully there’s a good one because they’re pretty loud and well... ridiculous.

Check out the new tattoo in the gallery above, and while you’re at it peep our latest Word On The Street segment (below), where we asked fellow NYC patrons their thoughts on Chris’ first tattoo.